For an inspiring bathing experience

Alkaline bath salts are particularly recommended for perfect skin care. Because the natural process of skin renewal, regeneration and regulation is enhanced by the use of alkaline skin care products and alkaline bath salts. People who suffer from over-acidification of the body benefit from the use of alkaline bath salts in a special way, as they make a decisive contribution to deacidification. If alkaline bath salts are added to the bath water, the water then has a pH value of about 8.5. An osmotic pressure is created between the skin surface and the water, as a result of which an increased amount of acidic metabolic products penetrate to the skin surface and are neutralized. Thus, an alkaline bath contributes comprehensively to the purification of the entire organism.

Alkaline bath salts are therefore much more than just skin care. Moreover, alkaline bath salts contain a multitude of vital minerals and trace elements which can be actively absorbed through the skin. An alkaline bath is perceived as particularly pleasant after a stressful, strenuous day or after sporting activities with increased loss of sweat. Alkaline bath salts deeply cleanse the skin so that it can literally breathe properly again. The skin appearance improves as well as the general well-being. In order to be able to benefit from the effect of the alkaline bath salts in the best possible way, regular use is recommended. Of course, not only full baths, but also partial or foot baths can be carried out with the alkaline bath salts.

High-quality, natural alkaline bath salt contains neither animal substances nor colorants or preservatives and is therefore particularly well tolerated. After just a few baths, the skin can appear visibly smooth, extremely well cared for, soft and supple. These vital substances are introduced into the body through the skin cells and thus also protect against acidosis from within.

In a full bath for adults, the alkaline bath salts can be stirred with the hands until all salt crystals have completely dissolved. To achieve an optimal effect, the bath should last at least half an hour. To stimulate the skin’s blood circulation and remove acidic waste products, it is advisable to brush off regularly during the bath. However, this should only be done with a suitable brush with particularly soft bristles.

In order to intensively deacidify the skin but also the organism, 3-4 alkaline baths per week should first be carried out. To support the acid-base balance in the long term, 1 to 2 full baths per week are sufficient. The alkaline bath salts can also be used for showering, which also serves as a peeling. Simply rub the wet skin with alkaline bath salts, gently scrub the relevant parts of the body and rinse briefly with warm water.




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