Many of us know it when the skin is tight and itches, feels oily or rough. A healthy way to deal with these problems is to use a salt scrub. This will give your skin a soothing cure.

Peeling salts

They are very well suited to improve the appearance of the skin. Peeling salts cleanse the skin down to the pores. You can make it appear healthier, purer and smoother right away.

Peeling salts can help with a number of skin problems. For example, they are good for removing calluses from the knees, elbows and feet, and for preventing future callus formation. On the face, peeling salts can help against blackheads, pimples and dry skin, among other things.

After a salt peeling, the skin looks healthy and fresh. It can, so to speak, breathe properly again and renew itself. The peeling salts thoroughly remove the top layer of skin. In this way, the skin can be freed from dead skin flakes and superfluous residues.

A few tips:

A salt peeling can easily be integrated into common cleansing routines once or twice a week. It can thus be easily applied while showering or bathing. It is rubbed onto the skin with circular movements. After a short period of application, it can then simply be rinsed off.

Such a salt peeling should be applied once or twice a week at the most. With some salt peelings, one application once a month is completely sufficient. Since, as already mentioned, a salt peeling involves the removal of fine impure skin layers, several applications a week are not advisable.

The latest trend – peeling stones

A peeling stone works on the same principle. These are salt stones. Peeling stones are used after a shower or bath. They also improve the appearance of the skin. In addition, in the form of deodorant stones, they help to reduce sweat and sweat odors. Peeling stones do not contain any chemicals and are therefore particularly gentle on the skin.

Depending on the type of peeling stone, they can be used several times a week or only a few times a year. The salt stone is soaked in liquid, which rubs off the skin. Similar to a salt peeling, excess skin is removed so thoroughly. The result is visibly cleaner skin that feels smooth and liberated.


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