Salt crystal lamps have a number of health and environmental benefits. In this article we show how you can benefit from them too.

Salt Crystal Lamps serve as beautiful interior decoration and act as natural light sources. However, the multiple functions of salt from Pakistan go far beyond aesthetics. In combination with a light source inside the lamps, the salt crystals produce negative ions, which have a positive effect on the indoor air. Placing a salt lamp in any room of the house can have several advantages.

Balancing electromagnetic radiation

Electronic devices such as televisions, cell phones, computers and tablets constantly release positive ions into the air. Salt crystal lamps emit negative ions and cancel out positive ions. Therefore they help by neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.

Improvement of general respiration

Salt crystal lamps are said to improve breathing by releasing negative ions, filtering foreign particles and keeping the lungs generally clean.

Purifying the air

Salt lamps from Pakistan help purify the air by means of so-called hygroscopy, which attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the immediate surroundings and encloses them in the salt crystal. The process has the amazing ability to remove cigarette smoke, dust and other airborne contaminants.

Increased energy level

Positive ions deplete the body of energy. The negative ions of the lamps can increase the energy level, which gives a refreshing effect similar to the feeling of rejuvenation from a stay in nature.

Exposure to negative air ions is said to reduce stress and increase overall performance. Negative ions increase the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, improving concentration.

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Salt crystal lamps can be used as an aid in color therapy (chromotherapy). They produce a soft light in the shades of orange, yellow and red, which helps with stress, attention disorders and general relaxation, among other things. The calm light is intended to create a balance between physical, mental and emotional health.





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